Could Artify It Be The Web Evolution Of The Art Gallery? – Forbes

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Described by Forbes as “a hybrid of Netflix, traditional art galleries and social media”, could be on its way to making art – and the more daunting art collecting – fit into the “everyday” for a wider audience. Launched to 3000 beta users just this past week, Artify gives users the opportunity to browse the work of various artists online and display choice pieces in their homes and offices for as long or as little as they like for a monthly subscription fee – essentially a web-based art gallery with a return policy. What’s missing here is the traditional gallery experience; the interpersonal connections formed by walking into a gallery, talking with curators, and creating a lifelong commitment to purchased pieces. But what’s gained is the confidence, capability, and consciousness of a new generation of art appreciators. Younger, less financially-able patrons with any level of understanding of the art world could now have a less stressful and burdensome introduction to the field. As founder Lorenzo Thione explains, Artify’s value lies in adapting to present social expectations of the gallery model, and making art more accessible to today’s potential patrons:

“The barriers of entering the traditional gallery market are so high. The attitude behind it is that you don’t know enough . . . You’re making a for-life commitment. Artify is more about dating it, where the gallery experience is more about marrying it.”

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