Interview with Bela Borsodi, Word Artist

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“Often I think of photography as being a documentation of a process and that the resulting image is a visual proof of that experience. After arranging different objects for many hours in a room I use the camera almost like a xerox machine to document that process. Of course I do all this for the resulting image that I have in mind; only there do all the elements of this experience come together and make sense. The process of getting there and seeing if my plan works out is often more interesting to me than the resulting final image, which freezes the entire adventure into a single frame. What is so wonderful about photography is that this single final frame can tell the story of that entire process again.

Photography does two things for me: it makes it possible to share and communicate a lot of my different interests, and it also drives me to have new experiences because it gives them a place and a purpose. Diane Arbus once said that photography was her excuse to get involved with the people she was interested in meeting and taking their photograph…”

To learn more, check out Bela’s site.

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