Pop-up books to be exhibited as works of art – China Post

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Today in Taipei, an art exhibition featuring over 160 of the world’s rarest pop-up books opened in the National Museum of History. Its goal: to show viewers the artistic and instructional value of these books, each of which is hand-assembled and, as such, one-of-a-kind.

As curator Michael Yang explains, “Pop-ups are not just ordinary books or children’s books, but interactive visual art.”

The highlights of the exhibit include a book that opens to a 1.4-meter-long image of the Titanic, a 8.2-meter-long book that details the history of the Czech Republic (the longest pop-up in the world!) and a Taiwanese Hand Puppet theater.

Pop-up books date back 700 years, with their original purpose being educational – to visually represent mechanical and scientific concepts. In this vein, the National Museum of History has partnered with the United Daily News Group to donate children’s books and pop-ups to rural Taiwanese children as part of the exhibition. Additionally, 1,000 elementary school children will be given the opportunity to attend for free, with workshops available to instruct teachers on ways to use pop-up books as tools for classroom instruction. The exhibition, which will run through September, will also feature two famous pop-up artists, American Matthew Reinhart and Liu Sijie of Hong Kong, who will attend and lead forums on the creative process.

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