The Postcard Press – “Literature that you read when you get the milk”

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In August 2009, novelist and writing instructor Caitlin O’Sullivan moved away from home and picked up the habit of sending postcards to her family and friends, both near and far. She soon found that the little notes were a refreshing and welcome surprise on both the sending and receiving ends, and thus The Postcard Press was born.

Each month, subscribers ($20 gets you a year’s worth of postcard prose and poetry, and individual issues are available for $2.50 each) receive a 4-by-6-inch postcard featuring one poem or (very!) short story set to an artistically designed backdrop. The current summer special gets you 15 back issues, such as the featured “A Sign in Mexico” by Tony Press (January 2012), for just $1 each.

Submissions to the literary monthly – up to 10 lines of poetry or 100 words of prose – are accepted via email at The current themes for submissions are: “When dinosaurs walked the Earth” (submit by July 31, 2012) and “Late” (submit by September 30, 2012); up to three submissions per theme are accepted.

As O’Sullivan sums it up:

“The Postcard Press is about surprise. It’s about laughter. It’s about literature that you read when you get the milk. It’s about being tangible in a digital world.”

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