Book jewelry and stationery

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LitCouture recently spotlighted artist Barbara of ExLibrisPurses on its Wearable Art topic; a link on her Etsy profile led us over to larking, her daughter Courtney‘s shop. Helping her mom with her handmade book purses helped jumpstart Courtney’s own project:

“The English teacher in me had a hard time seeing all of those “book insides” sitting in stacks in my mom’s crafting room . . . so I decided to start putting them to good use in the form of jewelry and stationery. I love seeing beautiful old pages come to life in a new way!” 

Her shop (and blog) is called larking, a name taken from one of her favorite poems, “Not Waving but Drowning” by Stevie Smith. The literary theme continues on to her pieces: sets of blank cards and matching envelopes made from original patterned paper designs paired with sections of text from a variety of books such as Pride and Prejudice and To Kill a Mockingbird, and clothespins coated with lines from the first page of a vintage copy of Nancy Drew books. She also makes book jewelry, including pendants with lines and images from Sherlock Holmes and Little Women, and a Pride and Prejudice bangle bracelet. This last item, a custom order, is made from wood and decoupaged book pages and tells the story of Elizabeth’s spat with Mr. Darcy during their dance at the ball at Netherfield. Courtney carefully selected and manipulated the text from a vintage copy of the novel so that most of the tale is still clearly legible.

Courtney also actively blogs, combining personal anecdotes from a new mom’s perspective and DIY arts-and-crafts tutorials.

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