Mr Perswall Wallpaper

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If the poster-sized prints from our last scoop featuring NovelPosters only whet your appetite for literary home decor, you need not look further than Mr Perswall’s “Communications” wallpaper line. After all…

“Tales hold power. They please, enchant, concern, teach, rouse memories, inspire, motivate, challenge. They help us to understand. They leave impressions upon our senses.”

So, why not project those impressions onto your surroundings, a constant reminder of the joy and wisodm gleaned from the pages of each book in our own personal libraries?

For reading aficionados, the only thing better than the bright and pleasantly full shelves of the “Library- Colourful knowledge” design (shown above) would be four walls of floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. Devotees of classic literature may be drawn to “Writers – Thinking in ink”, which features the names of brilliant wordsmiths from Aristotle to Zola. “Hooked on stories” unfolds the pages of tales across the room.

All Mr Perswall wallpapers cost 27 euro per square meter and are fully customizable. You can also check out alternative literary wallpaper prints from Deborah Bowness and Anthropologie.

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