The Author’s Attic – A Novel Approach To Jewelry

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A fitting follow-up to LitCouture’s last post featuring Bianca Fleischman‘s literary charm jewelry, The Author’s Attic specializes in jewelry inspired the favorite novels of founder Michelle Moore.

The Author’s Attic began in 2006, when Moore and a friend, both fans of author Diana Gabaldon, sought to have a physical copy of the ring given by one of the characters of “Outlander” to his wife. With a sketch of the ring from a reference book and Gabaldon’s blessing, Moore researched jewelers and formed a partnership with deSignet International, which manufactured “Claire’s ring”, now adorning the hands of hundreds of adoring fans worldwide.

From that initial success sprang an entire line of jewelry based on the lavish pieces gifted and worn by Gabaldon’s characters, each item loyal to the detailed descriptions in her Outlander series.

Moore has continued to work with deSignet International to create jewelry for devoted fiction fans. The Author’s Attic now offers sterling silver cuff bracelets with filigree ends engraved with quotes from Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice” and Charlotte Brontë’s “Jane Eyre”, as well as silhouette cameo charms of both authors.

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