Book Igloo Held Together By Natural Forces And Knowledge

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This “igloo” installation piece by Colombian artist Miler Lagos is constructed entirely of books – but not just any books. Lagos salvaged these books from the library of a US Naval base and fittingly titled it “Home”, as it is meant to represent:

“Encompassing knowledge and mind adventure while the body remains under a comfortable, predator-free structure.”

The structure is 9 feet tall and made without any kind of glue or paste. The books are placed strategically so that they rely on each other’s natural properties to shape the igloo. The pages face outward, creating a predominantly white exterior that resembles an igloo, with blocks of color from the book bindings poking through. The spines, sharing the titles of the former library books, face inward, to be read and appreciated as a visual maze of knowledge.

Nearly half of the structure is notable, however, for not even being there. The rest of the igloo substitutes bricks for books – a work in progress held in the moment. Check out more mindblowing images of the book igloo.

And speaking of books lined up, check out Allison Peters’ marvelous poem, “Shelved” which originally appeared on LitCouture last year:

In a row like that, they look like a painting,
the books, an abstract about liveliness,

delicacy (colors, textures). In all my time
—trying so hard to be both those things—
to find I am not (except for those

few undocumented moments of
human wholeness,
which, because no one can assert them,
of course are made of magic).

Lying alone below the sky, sometimes
you feel inspiringly small. Like
there are forces above you, about you,

and there are. The books all in a row, and I am
watching, mouth open, as if to speak.

Allison Leigh Peters won an Academy of American Poets Prize in 2010. Her work has appeared in theMichigan Quarterly ReviewBurner MagazineUp the StaircaseConnotation PressWomenArts QuarterlyOberon Poetry MagazineThird WednesdayAvatar Review, and elsewhere.


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