Henry Hargreaves & Deep Fried iPads & Windows 2668: Home/Office/Starship Edition

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Scrolling through the mental amusement park that is Thought Catalog, the headline “Here is a Deep Fried iPad” earned the requisite double take. Over the past two weeks, photographer Henry Hargreaves’ “Deep Fried Gadgets” collection has been featured in reports from Wired Magazine, the New York Daily News, MSNBC, and the Huffington Post, among others.

Now, before you get too alarmed – the image above is NOT a real MacBook. Nor are the iPads, iPods, GameBoys or other gadgets deep fried by Hargreaves the “real” objects themselves, but rather foam replicas. Cognizant of the high cost of these technologies, and not too eager to see the effects of batter and oil on lithium batteries, Hargreaves photographed the devices and printed the images onto foamcore, before slathering on the fat and tossing them in the deep fryer.

After getting past the initial shock of the resulting images, the conscious consumer (no pun intended) should take note of the social message behind this project. As Hargreaves told the Huffington Post:

“I see similarities between tech culture and fast food. Quickly devoured and then discarded.”

In the midst of rampant concern over obesity, the world also faces potential long-term damages caused by consumption of high-tech gadgets. As reported by Wired, each of the United States’ 245 million cell phones only last for an average of 18 months. At that rate, by the end of this year just about one billion will be found in dumps (many of which are in Asia), bringing with them dangerous toxic waste. So, there you have it: the consequences of electronic consumption may not be as different from the fat deposits that result from daily deep fried dinners as you would expect. And now you know what a deep fried MacBook looks like.

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Also check out Michael Voll’s outstanding humor piece that originally appeared on LitCouture on November 3, 20120:

Windows 2668: Home/Office/Starship Edition

SCENE: Bridge of a Starship.  A battle commences.

First Lieutenant: Captain, the enemy ship has de-cloaked and is now in range.

CAPTAIN: Computer, fire photon torpedoes!

COMPUTER: You wish to file photo “Tornadoes.”  Is that correct?

CAPTAIN: No.  Cancel.  Fire… Photon… Torpedoes.

COMPUTER: You wish to “Fire Photon Torpedoes.”  Is that correct?


COMPUTER: Please select a target.

CAPTAIN: The Klingon warship!

COMPUTER: There is no Klingon warship in the firing area.

CAPTAIN: I am looking right at a Klingon warship.

First Lieutenant: Technically, sir, it’s a battle cruiser.

CAPTAIN: What?  Fine! Target the Klingon battle cruiser!

COMPUTER: Klingon battle cruiser selected as target.


CAPTAIN: Fire photon torpedoes!!!

COMPUTER: Would you like to make photon torpedoes your default torpedoes?

CAPTAIN: Um, okay…

COMPUTER: The program “Weapons Systems” is attempting to make changes to this starship.  Do you wish to continue?


COMPUTER: To change weapon user settings you must be logged in to your account.  Please state your password.

CAPTAIN: (mumbling) VulcanHammer.

Crew Snickers.

COMPUTER: Your password is over 60 days old.  Do you want to reset your password?


COMPUTER: Would you like to store your password on this starship?  This gives all authorized starship users access to Weapons Systems, Defense Parameters, Security—


COMPUTER: —Controls, Captain’s Log—

CAPTAIN: Oh!  Ah… don’t store password.

COMPUTER: Would you like to receive the Starfleet newsletter?


COMPUTER: Would you like to occasionally receive special offers from Starfleet, including deals on warp travel, transporters, and dilithium crystals?

CAPTAIN: No!!! Fire—

COMPUTER: The Klingon captain has Friend’ed you.

CAPTAIN: Deny request!

First Lieutenant: Captain, they have fired their torpedoes!

CAPTAIN: Raise shields!!!

COMPUTER: Please exit from the current menu before making other selections.

CAPTAIN: Oh, for fuck’s sake!

COMPUTER: Unknown command.  Please say another command.

CAPTAIN:  Fire photon torpedoes!!!

COMPUTER:  I’m sorry.  Your session has timed out.  Please log in again to restart session.

Loud explosion.  Darkness.

Michael Voll is a humorist whose work has appeared in McSweeney’s and several above-average Christmas letters.  He welcomes any comments, ideas, or offers to refinance his mortgage at michaelvoll@msn.com


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