3-D Money Sculptures & “Vegas Lights, Hedge Funds, Monetary Policy and Beauty” by Frank Montesonti

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Aptly named “Money Pieces”, this series by Canadian visual artist Kristi Malakoff capitalizes on capital. Using the U.S. dollar, Turkish lira, Euro, and a variety of world currency in between, Malakoff takes advantage of the full color spectrum that passes through our hands as paper money around the globe to create her intricate and beautiful sculptures.

Her process requires the money to spend more time in her hands and studio than it does in typical consumer exchanges, though, as Malakoff must take great care in the folding, cutting, and pasting of her designs. The finished pieces range from geometric displays, such as “Desert Cactus” (above, part of the Polyhedra Series), to portraits of Jamaican school children and a Nicaraguan fruit seller. These and the other “Money Pieces” can be viewed on Malakoff’s website.

While on her site, be sure to check out her innovative stamp sculptures – along the same vein of “Money Pieces”, but featuring 3-dimensional images pulled out and propped up from within international postage stamps – and floral installations.

See on www.mymodernmet.com

In this spirit, check out Frank Montesonti’s gorgeous poem, originally published in LitCouture:


Vegas Lights, Hedge Funds, Monetary Policy and Beauty


In the hotel room, dust, ground from the edges of the long run

blew under the door. Swimming

pool flush as we slipped in.


Heat detectors swung

overhead without a sound.


I wished then I could turn to your body

and the odds

would come off with your clothes.


There used to be an old kind of sadness

a mom-and-pop sadness,

a sadness you could hold in your


hands as you buckled over

on the curb and took off your hat,


warm, heavy as a wadded nocturne,

that slowed the passing memories

just enough to feel like you


could go back if the wind were slight

and westerly. But the new sadness

is monetized.

It knows what we can afford.


I’m for hedging

my bets. Look at me, downright distrustful

of beauty, how it locks the risk from the dice—


what should be among us, condensed

in even features— ten thousand ships etc., a sea etc.,

I haven’t been the first to question


why we are we so wild for something easy

as the clean architecture of a face.


Yet when you slipped into the pool

something clean and brutal

possessed me: I was embarrassed

at being like everyone else.

For you see, I have this secret dream


almost the opposite song of the soul

I feel blow through me,

a bright string, where the one


who makes the beauty, the

queen behind

the universe shivers,

and for moment drops her spade.

Frank Montesonti is the author of Hope Tree (forthcoming from Black Lawrence Press) and the chapbook A Civic Pageant. His work has appeared in Lit, Tin House, AQR, Poems and Plays, Barrow Street, Black Warrior Review, among many others. He teaches creative writing at National University in Los Angeles.


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