Editing Time: Top Ten Misused English Words

Don’t be a lazy writer! Follow these rules.

1. Ultimate – it doesn’t mean the best–just the last

2. Decimate  traditionally, this word meant one in ten was killed

3. Disinterested – it means that one is unaffiliated, but not “uninterested”

4. Panacea – not a cure for a single thing

5. Literally – it describes something actually happening–shouldn’t be used for emphasis

6. Chronic – reoccurring, not necessarily intense/painful

7. Less – should only describe things that cannot be counted

8. Enormity – not to be confused with enormousness, this word means evil

9. Instant – a specific moment in time, not “quickly”

10. Refute – means to disprove, not to simply argue against

From Listverse.


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