Featured Pinterest: Bookshelf


Everyone knows about sites like goodreads, where you can showcase the books you are currently reading and books you’ve been meaning to read and build a community among the other readers on the site. But a new, perhaps undiscovered world of readers exists within the image-based, online pinboard, Pinterest.

This week, we will be featuring Emily Allender’s board Bookshelf. It’s filled with a variety of images, starting with books to read (Into Thin Air by Jack Krakauer, Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell, Love, Rosie by Cecelia Ahern), including a few children’s book (Harold and the Purple Crayon by Crockett Johnson – one of my personal favorites). The titles she includes are have a refreshing range from long and classic novels to young adult novels that can be enjoyed at any age. There are even a number of titles that you might not have heard before.


But she doesn’t stop there.

She also finds beautiful literary images, like the one above. She finds humorous quotes and images to go along with the novels on her list, such as:


There are also serious and beautiful quotes, ranging from Harry Potter to writers like Ernest Hemingway. As you scroll down her board, you are continually amazed as she goes beyond finding simple quotes. She finds unique gems of literary pleasure with words presented in ways never seen before. These images leave you pleasantly awe-struck for a moment.


And, of course, what collection of literary images would be complete without some Harry Potter references. For an fan, these are fun and heartwarming. I mean really, who wouldn’t want to dress their dog like this just for a day?



2 thoughts on “Featured Pinterest: Bookshelf

  1. Eric Eisenberg says:

    I wouldn’t want to dress a dog like that just for a day. I want to dress him like that FOREVER.

  2. […] Our “Bookshelf” Pintrest profile. As Pintrest rapidly grows, its role in our multimedia society cannot be downplayed. We plan on occasionally profiling Pintrest boards that have a flair for the literary. Emily Allender’s “Bookshelf” board, in particular, stands out because it isn’t just about showcasing books; it’s about a literary lifestyle. We approve. […]

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