Only Hire People Who Can Spell the Word “Grammar”

At Harvard Business Review‘s blog, Kyle Wiens, CEO of iFixit, writes about the importance of good grammar in the workplace. He won’t hire people with poor grammar, because in today’s online world, your words are often “all that you have.” Wiens even grills his potential employees with English tests before hiring. Some think he’s being too harsh on the less savvy; Wiens responds:

On the face of it, my zero tolerance approach to grammar errors might seem a little unfair. After all, grammar has nothing to do with job performance, or creativity, or intelligence, right?

Wrong. If it takes someone more than 20 years to notice how to properly use “it’s,” then that’s not a learning curve I’m comfortable with. So, even in this hyper-competitive market, I will pass on a great programmer who cannot write.

“Sloppy is as sloppy does,” he adds. We agree. English majors of the world understand the value of good grammar… thankfully, employers appreciate it too.


One thought on “Only Hire People Who Can Spell the Word “Grammar”

  1. […] One boss will only hire job applicants who pass his grammar test. Sometimes it pays to be an English major. […]

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