Michael’s Monthly Roundup: Pinterest, a Pairing, and Pickup Lines

These posts have caught my attention this week:

  • Our “Bookshelf” Pintrest profile. As Pintrest rapidly grows, its role in our multimedia society cannot be downplayed. We plan on occasionally profiling Pintrest boards that have a flair for the literary. Emily Allender’s “Bookshelf” board, in particular, stands out because it isn’t just about showcasing books; it’s about a literary lifestyle. We approve.
  • Alt-Minds. I’m still not sure what exactly this is, but that’s what makes it so interesting. “Part TV-show, part mobile app, and part mystery novel.” It definitely forces you to wonder about the future of storytelling in this digital age.
  • We paired 3-D money sculptures with Frank Montesonti’s poem “Vegas Lights, Hedge Funds, Monetary Policy and Beauty.” EnglishMajorsUnite is committed to transferring work that we’ve already published over at our digital magazine, LitCouture, onto this blog.
  • One boss will only hire job applicants who pass his grammar test. Sometimes it pays to be an English major.
  • And finally, we all had too much fun with our list of literary pickup lines. If you actually manage to use those lines in real life, more power to you.

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