Featured Pinterest: The Bibliophile’s Notes


This week, we are featuring Tiffany Johnson’s board “The Bibliophile’s Notes“. Unlike last week’s board, this one is less of a bookshelf and more of a collection of fun and bookish things, which is what we’re all about. Tiffany amassed a variety of images, many of them word based.

There are simple yet hilarious quotes about reading. Some are the types of things everyone thinks but no one really says out loud, for example:


But she balances out these humorous findings with other quotes, such as excerpts from one of the many famous Pablo Neruda love poems.

Some of the images also link back to interesting articles. For example, the first image up top takes you to a love twenty.com article titled “Ten Books Every Girl Should Read in her Twenties“. Another reading list is book riot’s “100 Greatest American Novels” which would go along perfectly with our post about the search for the Great American Novel.

Tiffany also finds cool, literary themed items that you might find around the house. She showcases fun bookshelves, nerdy iPhone cases, literary jewelry and for those of you that are over 21, book themed shot glasses. There is the occasional literary staircase which must be no easy feat to build inside a house. Imagine how much fun walking up the stairs would be if you could read these book titles? It’s like being able to judge someone’s bookcase before you even reach their room.


And finally, what makes this Pinterest board so fabulous and unique is a collection of what I would call ‘vintage’ images. She has found a version of the Hokey Pokey, if it had been written by Shakespeare and an edited manuscript from J. G. Ballard’s manuscript of CRASH. There are literary maps (including one of Kerouac’s hitchhiking trip across America), a letter from Fitzgerald, and collected outfits of fictional characters.

These items give the browser a distinct feeling of being where all of these literary masterpieces was born. I feel as though I was having a conversation with Fitzgerald, or critiquing Ballard’s manuscript myself. My personal favorite out of this collection is a simple postcard from Paris, written to Gertrude Stein from Pablo Picasso. It looks like a piece of art.



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