A fresh take on “suit jackets”

Have you ever noticed how well bikinis match up to the covers of some of the greatest works of literature? Oh, you haven’t? That’s because it’s a freaking weird thing to notice.

Well, I have to agree with Gaby Dunn of ThoughtCatalog on this one. I can’t say I’ve ever spotted someone’s suit while soaking up the summer sun, sand, and surf and thought, “Oh look, Slaughterhouse 5!” or “Gosh, there goes Crime and Punishment!” But I’ll give credit where credit is due: Matchbook.nu has capitalized on filling a void the literary world didn’t even know existed. Maintained at the matchbook headquarters in San Francisco by a mononymous Kate, the site pairs bathing suits and book jackets.

A simple, uncluttered Tumblr page, matchbook.nu features selected swimwear juxtaposed with a book cover it closely resembles. Beneath the images you’ll find the book’s first sentence, the cover designer, and the retailer and price of the bikini. Have a look at the Vonnegut pairing:

Not bad, right? Here’s a Dostoevsky classic (and may I add that this suit, not to mention the resulting tanlines, seems like it would indeed be a “punishment”):

“And then there were” an Agatha Christie match and one for the guys, Yann Martel’s Life of Pi:

The site only launched in mid-July but fortunately, you should have just enough time left this summer to get one of these flashy suits, crack open the accompanying title, and impress beach-goers and book lovers alike.


One thought on “A fresh take on “suit jackets”

  1. […] it seems that beach season is winding down too quickly for you to match your reading list to your two-piece, never fear — the quest to coordinate the book you’re toting around with your wardrobe […]

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