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Featured Pinterest: Book Porn

This week’s featured board is Jennifer Berry’s Book Porn. This board, perhaps suggested by its name, is much more image based than our previous highlights. If you’re a book porn lover like we are, then you are sure to enjoy these beautiful images.

She has the typical assortment of bookshelf photos, each of them stunning and breathtaking, some of which remind me of the popular site, But if you keep scrolling through, you can find bookshelves like you’ve never seen before. As someone who has seen millions of pictures, these truly stand out to me.

I wish I had an outdoor bookshelf like this. It’s kind of like a secret, bookish tree house. I’d rather come here and read than go to the beach any day. This place has a certain solitude meant for reading.

This board can also give the viewer cool ideas for bookshelves. Building an outdoor house, like the one above, may be a bit ambitious. But she has other, simpler ones as well. It ranges from putting books in a  closet (who needs the clothing space anyway?) and a variety of different types of ‘bookshelf stairs’. My personal favorite is using old crates and turning them into a beautiful, vintage bookshelf:

Safe to say, this is one of the most simple yet beautiful literary boards I have seen! Jennifer has successfully found a collection of beautiful photographs that would make any book lover swoon. Her board truly does live up to its provocative name.


How to make a parking garage awesome: paint it like a bookshelf

Kansas City garage pic by Jonathan Moreau: