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The Most Beautiful College Libraries: The University of Chicago’s Harper Memorial Library

Opened in 1912, UChicago’s Harper Memorial Library is more than just a library–it features study space, classrooms, and administrative offices. It functions as the heart of the university and after celebrating its centennial, still stands regally .


The Most Beautiful College Libraries: Harvard University’s Widener Library

Harvard’s Widener Library is the centerpiece of the university’s book collection, the largest university library system in the world, with over 15 million volumes. It was opened in 1915 and has even been referenced in a Weezer song.

The Most Beautiful College Libraries: Yale University’s Beinecke Library

Displaying Yale’s collection of rare books and manuscripts, Beinecke Library was built in 1963 and is open to the public. Its centerpiece is a six-story stack of valuable books.

The Most Beautiful College Libraries: Vassar College’s Thompson Memorial Library

Originally a single room when Vassar opened in 1865, the Thompson Memorial Library was most recently renovated in the early 2000s and is the home of a million volumes.

The Most Beautiful College Libraries: Dartmouth College’s Sanborn Library

Dartmouth’s Sanborn Library houses the school’s English department, hosts afternoon tea for students and faculty, and is a hot campus study spot. It was completed in 1929. (If you visit Sanborn, you are likely to find English Majors Unite contributor and Dartmouth sophomore Michael Riordan inside, either hard at work or fast asleep.)

Do E-Book Readers More than Book Readers?

Do you want to know more about the rising e-book business? Who actually uses their kindle? Check out this neat infographic to learn more about reading trends. The results may surprise you!